Swimming Lessons

As a reminder, swimming lessons are starting in Week 4 (Monday 14th May to Friday 19th May). Our lessons are taking place at Westminster School, and we will have one lesson every day during that week. Our lesson is from 11.30am to 12.15pm. Children will be transported to Westminster School by chartered bus. Parents who would like to help/watch will need to travel independently.

We encourage children to wear their bathers to school under their clothes, unless their bathers make it too difficult for them to go to the toilet on their own (for example, one piece girls bathers). If that is the case we will help them to change before we leave school. Children will change into their school clothes at the swimming centre after the lesson. It would be fantastic if we could have at least one parent to help out each day. If you haven’t already let us know that you will be helping, please do so ASAP, thank you.

Swimming lessons cost $30 per child. Please ensure that you have used the forms provided in Week 2 to pay at the front office by Friday, 11 May, thank you.

Children will need to pack a small, easy to carry bag with the following items:

  • bathers (f they are not wearing them under their clothes)
  • underwear
  • towel
  • goggles
  • any medicines required
  •  A plastic shopping bag for wet items

Our schedule will be adjusted to allow for our swimming lesson times. We will start the day with our usual morning routine and fit in as much learning time as we can before we have fruit/recess and head off to our lesson. When we return we will have lunch and play time as normal. As the children are so young they are usually very tired after their lesson, so we will have some quiet activities to finish off the day.

Several parents have asked if it is ok to take their child home straight after the swimming lesson. While we always want to have the children at school as much as possible we acknowledge that this is a very tiring week and will leave it to you to use your best judgement as parents and do what suits your child and family.

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