Christmas Treats

We seem to be hurtling towards the years end with one action packed day after another! Many children are now handing out Christmas cards accompanied by candy canes and treats. This is a lovely gesture and we are very happy for it to continue, however we are asking students to save their treats to take home. There are many families that make a conscientious effort to limit their child’s intake of colours, additives, sugar etc. We feel that it should be the family’s choice whether these treats are consumed, and when. Some children have quite adverse reactions to these treats and we thank you for your support in this matter. Also remember it’s the thought that counts and a card on it’s own is certainly enough.

2 thoughts on “Christmas Treats

  1. Hi everyone, I personally would be fine if we decided as a group that our
    little elves just exchange cards (if they wanted too ) without any lollies????
    Happy to go with the flow???
    Thank you Leah and Kylie, the list will be helpful 😉

  2. I agree Kylie. So many lollies and treats this time of year, I would be fine with just exchanging cards too.

    Thanks for the list Leah and Kylie.

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