Study Ladder

At school we occasionally use a maths web page called Study Ladder to demonstrate maths concepts and play interactive maths games.

Students have their own log ins, which can be accessed here:

Please note that while this site is free for teachers during school time it is not free for families. We are in no way expecting or encouraging that you pay to join this site. We are only sharing the link because a few parents have asked about it. Study Ladder has a free trial for families if you are interested.

There are lots of other free online maths games, and other fun learning games, linked from our blog. To find them simply click on ‘Websites to visit’ on the blue menu bar across the top of this screen or click here.








…and we’re off!

It has been a very busy start to the year and there are certainly some tired faces at the end of the day (including the teacher!)

We have started the children off on the same reader level they were on last year and are currently working our way through listening to them all read for the first time. Up to level 10, students are required to read each book 3 times. The three times can be over three days or in one night. It is up to your child and how enthusiastic they are feeling! Once children reach level 10 the books are longer and we only require them to be read once before swapping. If you know your child needs to change their reader, please help them to do so when you arrive.

There a spaces for your children to practice our word family spelling lists 3 nights a week in their homework books. We are also offering students the chance to practice their spelling words with multi-sensory tasks in the morning before the first bell.

The magic 100 words cards are also to be practiced nightly. We test the students on their sight words every Monday and swap them to the next card if they can read all the words quickly and WITHOUT sounding out.

Please remember that as the children are quite young there are going to be nights when they are exhausted. Feel free to use your own judgement and only ask them to complete one homework task if you think that may be the case. Just try to vary the tasks over the week so they do them all at different times.